Star Trek

In the vein of the other pages, a compilation of my Star Trek reviews from across the shows.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1993-99)

Boldy going... nowhere, hopefully. Deep Space Nine follows the lives of the crew of the eponymous space station, guarding a wormhole to the far-off Gamma Quadrant and using its location in order to put more focus on the daily lives and character arcs of its cast than any of the other shows. Borrowing from Next Generation but eventually going in its own, very unique direction, Deep Space Nine could jump from quirky storylines about holographic bartenders to deep filibusters on war and morality, and applying Gene Roddenbury's vision of utopia to more realistic scenarios. Just a general overview for now, but there are season recaps coming.

Star Trek Voyager (1995-2001)

Next Generation was ending and the studio decided to carry on its legacy by creating the same show... with a few minor differences. With a cast more inclusive than any of those before it, and the potential in its premise to be very interesting, Voyager can't decide whether it wants to squander its gifted upbringing on safe, status-quo plots or do something daring and innovative. But, as this tale of a ship trapped 70,000 away from home unfolds, there's something about the show's location and characters which really does grow on you. It was my first Trek show, and the USS Voyager will always be my favourite starship. First two seasons reviewed in 13/14, resuming this Summer.


I have yet to review any of the movies from the original ten films, but I have tackled the two reboot films from the pen of J.J. Abrams, as has my guest contributor Garrus. Follow (G) for a guest review.

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