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What began as an attempt to order my various Doctor Who reviews has turned into this behemoth of a page, which charts my reviews of colourised Who in chronological order. It also serves as a hub for my articles on the spin-off show Torchwood, as well as listing basically any and all articles I've written which relate to the Doctor Who mythos. I do hope you'll enjoy.

Links in italics aren't as yet published, but have been written or at least are planned to be. G links denote a guest reviewer. Multiple links - i.e (1, 2) - indicate multiple reviews of the same story.

Misc. Who Essays/Lists
First Doctor - William Hartnell (1963-66)
Remarkable, young fellow. Chesterton! Magic ring. Go forth in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Hmmm. Getting a bit tired.
Second Doctor - Patrick Troughton (1966-69)
Cosmic Hobo. Oh My Giddy Aunt. Recorder. Sonic Screwdriver. Cybermen. Yeti. "Time-Lords". Jamie? 

    Third Doctor - Jon Pertwee (1970-74)
    Colourful Dandy. Aikido. Bit snobbish. Bessie. Reverse the polarity. Whomobile. The straightest line. Where there's life, there's...
    Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker (1975-81)
    Brilliant Madman. Scarf. Sarah Jane. Jelly Babies. Eye-bulge. The moment has been prepared for.
    ----- SAWARD ERA -----
    The Saward Era is where I began on DVD all those years ago, and even after the show came back I decided that my first priority was to explore this incredibly interesting five-year period of the show. It may not be the best that the program gave us, but it will always find a place in my heart.
    Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison (1982-84)
    Tristan but brave. Goodbye Nyssa. There should have been another way. Celery. What a finely tuned response to the situation. Adric?
    One of my favourites.
    Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker (1985-86)

    Brash pragmatist. PRAGMATIST? Gumblejacks. That coat. Cat pins. Carrot Juice.One of my favourites.
    Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy (1987-89)
    Machiavellian schemer. Spoons. Unlimited rice pudding. Andrew Cartmel. Rolling rrrs. There's work to be done. One of my favourites. Written in the Summer of 2012.

    Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann (1996)
    Wasn't with us long. Doesn't know who he is.
    • The Movie (1, 2)

    Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston (2005)
    Fantastic. Written in Autumn 2011. One of my favourites. Season 27
    Tenth Doctor - David Tennant (2005-10)
    What? What? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Mostly written in early 2013.

    Eleventh Doctor -  Matt Smith (2010-2013)
    Still not ginger. Bow ties are cool. Timey wimey. Doesn't know whether to be dark or weird. Or both. Amy and Rory. Oswin or Clara? Or both. Sexist asshole. Sexual assault. Moffat's mouthpiece.
    Twelfth Doctor -  Peter Capaldi (2013 - 201?)

    I've gone all Scottish. Glasgow charm. Not a nice person. Afraid of the dark. Am I a good man? Electric guitar. Hoodie. Sonic sunglasses. She was saving you from me. Always be kind.
    ----- SPIN-OFFS -----
    The team.
    Torchwood - Series One (2006/7)
    Fun if weird due to Chibnall. Written Summer 2011.
    Still crying for the return of John Hart.
    Torchwood - Series Two (2008)
    Mind-alteringly brilliant.
    Torchwood - Series Three - Children Of Earth (2009)
    Depressing. Like, really depressing. 
    Still gives me chills, and not because it was particularly
    Torchwood - Series Four - Miracle Day (2011)
    Will I survive the ten week struggle? Written on transmission.
    Sarah Jane and old friends.
    Sarah Jane Adventures - Series Four (2010)
    RIP, Ms. Sladen.
    ----- MISC. -----

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    Celebrate, Regenerate!
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