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My name is Andrew, and I'm a student from Manchester, England who likes science-fiction, science fact and watching far too much television on a regular basis. I began this blog as a way to vent in February 2010 and since then have reviewed a number of television shows, films and other things. I don't ever profess to being a good writer - the "good" rarely factors into my self-description - but I do hope that I'm a vaguely entertaining one.


Josh Stoddard has been a friend of mine for the past seven years. After working on his own internet project, My Doctor Who, Josh ran his own blog for a while under the title of Mr. Anonymous Reviews before deciding to blend his writing with Nostalgia Filter. His work can be found under the "Josh" tag, although he used to publish under the name "Pete Beale". His Youtube Channel, which hosts a series of videos, can be found here.

Garrus Vakarian

The most recent addition to the Nostalgia Filter staff, Tanju Cakar is a fellow Star Trek fan and, as you can likely tell from his name, he also has quite an affection for the Mass Effect series.  

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  1. Just to say that I passed on your review of the Torchwood ep, A Day In The Death, to the script writer, Joe Lidster. He was very humbled and said thank you!! This is an interview I did with Joe...


    This maybe of interest too, an in-depth interview with Louise Jameson, AKA Leela and MUCH more!


    Many thanks

    Nick Randell