Sunday, 16 August 2015

Back in action?

Any readers (as rare and elusive as you are) may have noticed that Star Trek Voyager reviews have resumed. Working with my revision and, eventually, my Uni work, I aim to at least finish Season Three, eventually moving onto Season Four. That much is in the bag, and trying to get all the way through Voyager at least gives me something to aim for. I will also do my best to review the new episodes of Doctor Who Season 35/9, which starts next month.
      I've been thinking about finishing off and/or revisiting several areas. I've been meaning to discuss Moffat's older work from a current perspective, and so I'm thinking about revisiting Doctor Who Season 31/5, starting from where I originally started live Doctor Who reviews for The Hungry Earth.
     A few months ago I was also planning out an essay about the portrayal of Women in Red Dwarf, as a late revisitation to the ideas I mentioned in "The Problem with Kochanski." Except this time without the unintentional misogyny.


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