Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Ideas for the blog; 4/2/15

Now I've finished catching up with Doctor Who, there's something of a difficulty in moving forward with the project. I'm balancing work time with relaxation, doing a great too much of the latter, and writing here is a blend of the two that I can only really do when a number of conditions are met.

One of those conditions is having something to talk about that I actually enjoy. I love Star Trek Voyager to bits, but at the moment focusing on it and analysing it isn't exactly something I can do. Now when I watch a show from one of my DVDs it's one particular episode I remember liking, and following a narrative is given to week-to-week events, like the release of new episodes of stuff.

Which brought me round to my American shows, all of which will be coming out this year in their dribs and drabs - The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Orphan Black.

The Walking Dead is different enough with each season that I'm going to try and do season-by-season overviews, splitting up the more recent seasons into halves. That will tie in nicely with the broadcast of Season 5B, and it should produce a nice, say, eight articles. (Ooh, lofty ambitions.)

When Game of Thrones returns in April, I might have enough to say to write weekly reviews on each episode. Last year that was easier because I had a lot of fellow fans around; now things are a bit more lonesome, so we'll have to see.

I will be writing, trust me.


P.S. I totally forgot that today was the blog's actual fifth birthday. 

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