Monday, 19 January 2015

General Blog News 19/1/15

Regular readers (if any of you actually exist), would note that the reviews stopped at the end of 2014. This was a mixture of both a conscious decision on my part and a general move away from writing as recreation. I do not, however, believe that this is necessarily the end of this blog and its writing.

I think this because there are still a few series I need to finish - Series 8 of Doctor Who is trailing at the end, so I will cover those episodes, and I certainly have a lot to say about the Finale's plot twist. I'd also like to carry on my reviews of Star Trek Voyager, but that's difficult at the moment as I'm at Uni and my DVD collection is 60 miles southeast.

I've also wanted to write an overview of Lost to cap off the whole review experience, but that'll require me to watch the whole series through again and finding the time and motivation to do that will be a challenge. I also have the same problem with distance.

On top of that, I also wanted to write an article discussing the shows I watched last year. That may or may not be coming, I'm yet to sit down and think through the logistics.

I hope you're all happy and healthy. :D


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