Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Prologue: Lost: Season Three 1/2/14.

So - to my final season of Lost reviews. Season Three is not anyone's favourite really, as it flashes up and down between some of the best episodes of the show so far and some of the worst. Such greats as Not In Portland and The Man Behind The Curtain, contrasted with the drecks that are Stranger in a Strange Land and Exposé. It was a season of production decisions and mistakes made on the part of the writers - mistakes which, when confounded by next year's Writer's Strike, led to the show's planned end three seasons later.
     On paper, the season doesn't sound so divisive. It begins with an in-depth look into The Others' society as our kidnapped threesome of heroes is kept in the Hydra, a Dharma station on a small sub-Island. Henry Gale, now called Ben, is leading the show while Jack makes liasons with an Other named Juliet, played by new cast member Elizabeth Mitchell. Elsewhere, Desmond is having visions of the future, and a strange woman parachutes onto the Island, claiming to be from a freighter of people sent there to rescue them.
     I'm keeping this short and sweet, as I'm a bit out of practice. I'm not quite sure what I feel about Lost's third season, as it's the one I've had the least exposure too and it marks a very clear boundary between what the show was in its first two seasons and the very different show that it would become starting in Season Four. I suppose I'm just hoping that I'll enjoy it, and that I'll have something to say about some of its less favourable hours, some of which are worse than the low points of Season Six.


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