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Review: Voyager 2.25: Resolutions
"My acting isn't the only thing that's wooden around here..."
Star Trek Voyager - Season Two, Episode Twenty-Five - Resolutions
Written 30/11/13

Oh my bally god, my shipper's heart doth fly when I think of Resolutions. Janeway was only murdering innocents last week but now I can't help but turn into a squishy ball of goo whenever I think of the way that her relationship with Chakotay is handled - especially in this episode, which is the biggest of all teases, and which seems put together almost entirely to make us sail this doomed ship off into the horizon. Whether you think it's a powerful romance story or a tragic comedy of errors, Resolutions has one or two things that make it quite special - fitting, for the last lone story of this season.
     Janeway and Chakotay have been infected with a virus which is only subdued when they're on a particular paradise-esque planet. Accepting their fate, they have some supplies beamed down and give orders for the ship to resume course, despite The Doctor's desire to contact the Vidiians for their medical expertise. While on the planet together, the two grow very close, especially as they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. With Tuvok in charge of Voyager, everyone complains about Janeway's orders, and reluctantly he agrees to go to the Vidiians. They almost double cross them, but Dr. Denara Pel (whom we met a few weeks ago) helps The Doctor get the cure in time for Voyager to escape. Just as the two lovebirds are settling in with each other, the cure is found, and the two resume their old lives, with nought but the promise of what might have been.
      Mulgrew and Beltran have an inexpliquably strong chemistry, especially considering their normal characterisations only tend to mingle when they have their little intimate chats about the moral and political issues of each episode. Yet it's clear here that there was a lot of potential in their possible relationship. I'm confused why after this they didn't get together - at least if not immediately, after a while. Instead the episode treats its relationship as a one-time thing, with the two completely forgetting their feelings once they're back on the ship, with not even a glance or a look to suggest otherwise. Personally, I find that immensely frustrating, especially when one considers (spoilers) that they'd end up giving Chakotay a rushed relationship with another character with whom he had no chemistry in the final episodes of the show.
File:Stasis units, Resolutions.jpg
Voyager's little-known range of sentient action-figures.
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     I suppose you could say the episode as a whole was about loyalty and compassion. The loyalty Chakotay feels towards Janeway and the gratitude he has for her bringing him into the fold and letting him "know true peace," the loyalty of the crew as they petition Tuvok to allow them to risk their lives contacting the Vidiians (who, in their final appearance, are still a little pissed off about the whole thing in Deadlock). It was all rather touching, and worked quite well as a call-back to the final moments of the season's first episode, The 37's, in which everyone on the ship, when offered a stable place to live, still choose to remain on their journey.
      I suppose my resolution on resolutions is that I enjoyed it far more than I should. While I don't like to admit it, I do get carried away with a good romance, especially when it's one in which the chemistry is perfect but it never actually goes anywhere. I've said the same about the relationship between Kes and The Doctor in the past, and the same is true for Janeway and Chakotay throughout the entirety of the show's run. I think that above all other things, Resolutions was a way for the show to explore a relationship that it had teased at but that it knew it was never going to go through with, and I suppose I should be grateful for that one small glimmer of hope.


NEXT WEEK: We return to Basics as we face the Kazon for one last time.

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