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Review: Lost 2.19: S.O.S.

Lost - Season Two, Episode Nineteen - S.O.S
Bernard proposes to Rose and discovers her secret.
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Written 8/11/13

Just before the plot kicks into gears for the last few episodes of the season, Lost treats us to a unique centric episode focussing on those two background characters who get the odd word in now and then. It was a rigamarolle for all of the main characters, giving them a little bit of buffing before the action and giving us some soppy fluff in the centric plot for us to be going on with. Although it wasn't exactly the massive tour-de-force of television that Lost has the potential to be, it was thick on atmosphere and it was certainlty more pleasant than last week.
      Jack and Kate head out into the jungle to try and organise a trade - "Henry" for Michael - and after temporarily getting caught in one of Rousseau's traps, they reach the clearing where they last met the Others and find Michael alive and well. Meanwhile, Bernard is dismayed at the fact that everyone else on the island has gone native and tries to organise a group together to make a massive SOS sign on the beach. His wife doesn't support him in this endeavor, and in flashbacks we see the two meet, Bernard discovering her terminal cancer and wanting to marry her anyway, and then taking her to Australia on their honeymoon to get a faith healer to help her. In the present, Rose admits to Bernard that it was the Island, not the faith healer, that had healed her - that she didn't want to leave for fear of it ever returning. He breaks down and promises that they'll never leave. (And, as of Season Six, they never do. Aww.)
     Rose has a continued objection to her husband's proactivity in trying to help her, something understandable from both sides of the coin. For Rose, it's because she's accepted her fate (and then her miraculous blessing) and doesn't see the point in trying to change it. Bernard's desperation is clearly reasoned - he proposed to someone after 56 years of bachelorhood only to find out they had a terminal disease, and then crashed on a desert island on the way back from an unsuccessful honeymoon. It's the comedic level of tragedy that Lost seems to enjoy dishing out, even if with Rose and Bernard it's all executed in a single episode and a lot of the time it comes off a little soapy.
I'd totally forgotten that Michael even existed, sorry.
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     The rest of the episode played around a few of the meagre developments between characters in this season, especially in the development of Locke's malaise. Last week Ben told him that he hadn't pushed the button, and even though he's been lying for the past two months of the show, Locke takes this on board and starts becoming despondant, this time obsessing over a map he saw drawn on the Blast Door when it came down and crushed his leg. We also saw more awkard love triangle stuff, with Kate apologising to Jack for randomly snogging him a few weeks ago, and then him totally non-creepily replying, "I'm not sorry."
     Much ado about not very much, then. SOS has a lot going for it and it's a fairly charming little story once you sit down and watch it, but as television and as another piece of Lost's puzzle it seems fairly impotent. Rose and Bernard are two lovely characters, but as characters in the twisty turny and slightly stupid world that this season lives in, they feel too domestic, too unambitious. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, because the show gets to relate to normal issues for the first time since the first season instead of posing such stirling moral dilemmas as, "should I push this button ever two hours?". And, while that isn't Lost's intended direction, it sure as hell made a nice change here.


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