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Review: Lost 2.7: The Other 48 Days
The Tailies group photo. From Wikia
Lost - Season Two, Episode Seven - The Other 48 Days
Written 16/7/13

And now we approach quite a few episodes which are on my favourites list. This is one of them - a comprehensive twist of the LOST formula to show what would have happened had our motley crue of weirdos had gotten everything completely wrong in every conceivable way. If Ethan won, if they didn't have Super-Jack to save the day every time. The Other 48 Days is the episode that made me fall in love with the Tailies, especially Ana-Lucia and Eko, and which made me really pissed that apart from minor character Bernard, no-one from the new cast has any sticking power in the series as a whole.
     The tail section survivors land and are attacked on the first night by The Others, who steal three people and fail to kill Eko, who manages to off two of them. Eko swears a vow to silence as the group is attacked yet again and de-facto angry leader Ana-Lucia begins to become suspicious of a spy within the group. As they make their way inland, they suspect Nathan, who is randomly conspicuous in everything he does. Ana also makes good friends with Goodwin, an old-timer who she has chemistry with. Ana throws Nathan in the Pit but Goodwin kills him in the dead of night to move the suspicion from him, leading Ana to discover that Goodwin is the Other spy and kills him in self-defence. As Eko's silence is lifted and Ana-Lucia finally takes the time to cry, they run into our mid-section characters and we montage forward to the cliffhanger we left on last week.
     The development of paranoia and fear as orchestrated by Goodwin is quite interesting to see, especially if like me you knew of his dark intentions beforehand. Suddenly Ana-Lucia's brash attitude in previous stories feels justified as a result of the hell they went through before they met the Mid-section peeps, and Ana-Lucia's already reactionary personality didn't exactly help matters. Nathan's character contributes towards it but because he's actually innocent in the end his character feels a little bit contrived - what was he doing in the woods for two hours, and why did he sit there silent when Ana was interrogating him? It's just... obviously shifty.
Goodwin has a sharp exit. From Wikia
     The mood that the episode creates, with the brand new set of characters, is an odd one, and it's very easy at this point to forget that you're watching LOST at all - rather a back-door pilot for a spin-off series in which everything goes tits up very, very quickly. The parallels made between the two groups of survivors and clear to see, and as a parallel-universe type story of What If It Went Wrong, it's an opportunity to both get the fun from that as well as developping a new set of characters, no matter the relative brevity of their tenures on the show.
     It may feel a little irrelevant, and I am a tiny bit sick of the "lets drag the same cliffhanger out for two weeks" thing that happened in the season premiere, but I really enjoy this episode and the way that it's constructed to introduce an entirely new side to the show that feels creative and fun. It's not an easy task to make me like an entirely new set of characters within the space of 45 minutes, but this episode manages it and the second season is infinitely better off for this episode's mere existence.


NEXT WEEK: Ana-Lucia's development continues in her centric episode, Collision.

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