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Review: Lost 2.6: Abandoned
Ana-Lucia - Bang, and the Shannon is gone. From Wikia
Lost - Season Two, Episode Six - Abandoned
Written between 15th and 16th July 2013

As of writing, the first few reviews from Season One have gone up, and I can see now my early opinions of Shannon's character in a few words. Shannon is the character who's realistically had the highest to climb in my estimation, with her shallow, manipulative attitude for the first few months of the show. Even when this wore off she ended up becoming less than rounded, being a character for Sayid and Boone to fight over before his crushing but inevitable death, whom Season Two has so far seen fit to randomly give visions to. In this, her final story, we're hoping for some major character redemption overhaul. Let's see.
     The main Island storyline was surprisingly varied, covering a lot of ground. Shannon sees an apparition of Walt and Sayid doesn't believe her, so she strops off. We begin to see Charlie's possessiveness around Claire and Aaron, as he gets all jealous when Locke tries to help her out. The Tailies reunite and head towards the main camp, with Sawyer's infection getting worse and leading to him needing to be drawn by stretcher. Eventually Sayid confronts Shannon on her delusion and runs into the woods with her, seeing Walt before she wanders off and is shot by a hidden assailant, whom Sayid discovers to be a confused Ana-Lucia.
     In the flashback, we see how Shannon came to be in the situation she was in prior to boarding the plane, passing from boyfriend to boyfriend. Her father's death left her distraught and conned out of her money by her scheming evil step-mother, who despite telling Shannon to work refuses to fund her internship to join a prestigious college. When Boone acts out of his weird crush on her to offer her some cash to get started, she rejects him.
     I have a slight issue with the realism of Shannon's character. The transition between the character we initially saw and the slightly softer one of the present was worked out smoothly, revealing her deep-seated self esteem issues brought on by her father's death and her step-mother's manipulation. But I think it's the fault of the script that the character's initial appearance is so catty and shallow when to be honest the character feels more developed in her flashbacks - more compassionate, more basically good than she was in the first few episodes. For a show with such usual continuity in its characterisations, it didn't feel right.
Wake me up before you gogo. From Wikia
     This episode also sees the beginning of what I call Charlie's delusional love triangle. Charlie's story this season is going to piss me off big time in his centric episode, as all of the work that was done in the first season is thoroughly undone for the sole reason that there's very little to do with a happy relationship. It will luckily tie into Eko's centric later in the season, which is on my all-time favourite episodes list, but as it builds up I'm getting a weird sense of foreboding.
     So that was Shannon's final credited episode, and her contribution to the series hasn't really left the mark I expecte it to. The standard LOST thing os redemption and then death didn't really work, because it's difficult to associate with the trauma of seeing random children in the woods. and so the main island storyline only offered confusing scenes which will probably never be adressed again. However, the episode's cliffhanger leads into a series of episodes which are absolutely smashing, so I'm not that concerned.


NEXT WEEK: We see what the Tailies were doing for The Other 48 Days.

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