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Review: Lost 2.5: ...And Found
Yes Mike, cos running off into the uncharted jungle is the
best way to find your kidnapped son. From Wikia
Lost - Season Two, Episode Five - ...And Found
Written 15/7/13

Lost brings us another pun-based episode title, introducing the first of the series' many multi-centric episodes for Jin and Sun. This time we focus on how the two became such close chums, as well as moving the focus from the Swan to the Tailies, where next week's massive plot event is going to hit the hardest. It was the best Jin/Sun episode so far, and the fact that it didn't really feature their relationship until the end is something of a sad indictment of their entire schtick.
     While out collecting supplies for the Tailies' hike towards the Main Camp, Michael discovers that The Others are believed to be in a particular direction, and so he runs off in search of his son. While Ana-Lucia wants to carry on with their journey, Jin refuses to go without looking for Michael. They compromise; Eko goes with Jin to try and find him, hoping to meet up with the main group of Tailies later on. After a close shave with The Others, they eventually find him and convince him to come back with them. In the other Island plot, Sun loses her Wedding Ring and looks everywhere before she finds it in the sand she used to bury the Bottle of Messages from The Raft.
      Michael's running off foreshadowed his eventual downfall, which I found quite interesting. The perception of The Others here is also quite funny, what with them being portrayed from in hiding as muddied feet dragging a teddy bear. The direction tars them with an entirely different brush as the next and subsequent seasons, where they live in a hilarious suburban paradise and answer to a toady little man that we'll meet in about two months. (All these references forward aren't because I'm bored or anything, it's just what I'm doing out of excitement.) And, finally, we also got a good round from Mr. Eko, who at this point in the story was starting to edge up the favourite characters list with alarming frequency. For some reason, he's a much nicer person now than he'll end up being, which is probably for the best.
The happenstance that inspired a million boring episodes.
From Wikia
     Our flashback saw us head over to Korea to discovers how Jin and Sun met. Sun was being set up with Jae Lee, the owner of a hotel chain. They bond and have a really nice time before Lee remembers to mention that he's only going along with the arrangement so he can swan off to the States and marry the girl he really fancies, to Sun's obvious chagrin. Jin happens to be working at the same hotel, and is told by the honour-obsessed manager (I don't know how much is stereotype and how much is real with these flashbacks) not to let any lower-class citizens into the hotel. He lets in a child who needs a piss and when confronted about it he does what he should have done and resigns on the spot. Sun and Jin later accidentally walk into each other, stare at each other for a bit, and the rest is apparently history.
     ...And Found was a thesis on what it meant to belong - are you lost, or found? It took a gleeful joy in referencing its own title as it scanned through our characters, but despite that it ironically never seemed to find its own groove. Most of these centrics are about Jin and Sun's relationship, and this just paints it as something incredibly unlikely that, in the real world, would have led to an awkward exchange of apologies and a swift exit by both parties. The on-island stuff with the Tailies was fun and I'm liking where that's going, but the rest needs to get its ass in gear a bit.


NEXT WEEK: It's Shannon's turn to be redeemed and (spoilers) horrifically killed, in Abandoned.

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