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Review: Lost 2.4: Everybody Hates Hugo
Hurley is worried about everyone hating him.
Lost - Season Two, Episode Four - Everybody Hates Hugo
Written between 9th and 11th July 2013

It's odd that this episode's final season homage, "Everybody Loves Hugo", is such a shoddy script. Especially when the original is the story that actually makes me feel for a character who otherwise would be nothing more than a comic-relief busybody. Getting the pace of the series going again with a healthy mix of characterisation and main plot drama, this episode is the one that launches Hurley into feeling like a real member of the main cast, as well as rounding out his character after the silly premise of his previous centric.
     As Jack and Sayid attempt to circumvent the thick layer of concrete in the Swan which seems to pull metal objects towards it, Hurley is given the duty of handing out the food. Flashing back to just after he won the lottery, he remembers that his few friends left him when they found out that he was moneyed and hadn't told them. Fearful of a similar reaction as "king of the food," he goes to Rose for help, and they inventory. Frustrated, Hurley plans to simply blow up the pantry, but Rose talks him out of it, leading to his decision of simply handing out the entire supply of food to everyone in a night-long feast. Despite Hurley's fears, everyone loves him for doing it.
     Jorge Garcia is a great actor, and the slow foreboding moments of happiness and hope that abound through Hurley's flashbacks in this episode are a great example of that. It's in total contrast to his previous centric - everything is going right, his life is getting better, he even gets to parr off his boss (who happens to be Locke's old boss too, jackass.) I think that makes the ultimate tragedy - a very human problem, all in all - the more hitting, and it really makes us feel for what Hurley is going through. (Although we might later change our minds when we find out what he did with some of the food.)
The run-down Tailies at The Arrow.
     The B-plot saw Sawyer, Michael and Jin brought out of the Tiger Pit by the Tailies, who then began trekking across the Jungle. They were taken to the Arrow, a DHARMA station containing the last few remaining members of their group. There they met Bernard, and he was glad to hear that his wife Rose was still alive on the other side of the Island. This side of the plot is building up some nice momentum at the moment, especially as we begin to deepen Eko and Ana Lucia beyond their initial appearances, although it's still far away from reaching its stride in a few weeks.
     Everybody Hates Hugo was a great episode, and it felt like the season was well and truly up and running - we were able to focus in on a character without it feeling like the series was slowing down for any reason. Hurley is a character whom I've often felt doesn't get utilised in any meaningful way, and a lot of the time it's up to these early centrics to make him into the 3-dimensional character that he's so often remembered as. So what if Everybody Hates Hugo - I like him even if they don't.


NEXT WEEK: Jin and Sun make another god-damn episode name pun with their shared centric, ..and Found.

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