Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Review: Lost 1.24: Exodus (Part Two)
Arzt knew this would all just... blow up in his face.
Lost - Season One, Episode Twenty-Four - Exodus (Part Two)
Written 13/6/13

So, yada yada, standard disclaimer about my pedantry meaning that this episode wasn't really meant to be assessed by itself etc.. In Season One's penultimate hour, we of course set up the plot threads that will carry over into the third and final part, as well as into the beginning of the only slightly more brief run of Season Two. There were less moments of cuteness and joviality as this time the stakes were raised, with trouble for everyone in pretty much every subplot. In other words, it's finale time, baby.
     While trying to show the main cast how to handle dynamite at the Black Rock, Dr. Arzt is ironically and hilariously blown up. Rousseau leaves the Black Rock early and takes a shortcut, getting back to the beachcamp in time to steal Claire's baby Aaron from her arms, leading Claire to have a flashback that will only be adressed next season. The Raft run into a log and the rudder breaks; Sawyer impresses by diving out to save it, but Michael finds the gun that Jack gave him for security. While on the hunt for Rousseau, heading towards the black smoke, Charlie and Sayid go past the Beechcraft where Boone was injured, and Charlie discovers the seventy-bajillion bags of heroin inside. The remaining survivors assemble at The Caves, as the team from the Black Rock trek back through the jungle.
     The flashbacks this time were a little less cheery, as cheery as such flashbacks could be. We find out that the cute scene at the airport with Jin and Sun was underlined by the fact that Jin found out he was being stalked by Mr. Paik's hitmen and that his plan to escape with Sun in LA wouldn't work. Charlie wrestled a groupie for the bag of cocaine he was snorting from in the first few episodes. Alongside similar conversations in the main plot, we saw Michael at the airport ringing his mother to tell her that he doesn't feel capable of looking after Walt.
The scariest thing about Mr. Paik's associates is their
terrible dress sense.
     It seems to be a running theme in Season One that almost universally, Claire attracts weirdos. First Ethan with his dead-eyed staring, then post-Amnesia there's the slightly overbearing Charlie who's read her diary and has affections for her that she's too forgetful to remember reciprocating, and then now we have the perfectly in-character and understandable but still obviously weird actions of Rousseau, who we find out still believes that her daughter is a baby, despite the fact that she was kidnapped 16 years prior. (As, if you've been with me since I did Season Four, you know we meet her eventually.)
     The big shit happens next week, but this week pushed up the stakes just that little bit to shove us into finale territory before our world is torn apart. It's great that even when it's trying to be all action-packed and fun Season One never ceases to focus on the characterisations and there are plenty of subtle little moments and actions that transform LOST into something more brilliant than even the script would suggest. It's all quite mind-blowing, to be honest.


NEXT WEEK: Guess. It's Exodus (Part Three). The last episode of Season One and the last LOST review of 2013!

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