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Review: Lost 1.23: Exodus (Part One)
Raft ahoy!
Lost - Season One, Episode Twenty-Three - Exodus (Part One)
Written 12/6/13

The finale is finally upon us, and as the guiding hand of episode-by-episode centricity is lifted, the show expands into that creative space in a way which somewhat unintentionally smugly shows just how much our characters and their relationships have developed over the past five months or so. As Exodus bridges the journey from Season One's character blitzfest over to Season Two's focus on the mystery of the thing, we get plenty of both nods back to what the series has managed to do and of what's to come.
     The main-island plot saw focus on all characters. Danielle Rousseau wanders into camp with news that The Others, the Island's mysterious other inhabitants, stole her baby in '89 and are coming to steal people again now. Micheal's boat is damaged when everyone pitches in to try and set it off, but Sawyer earns his place aboard by making it a new mast. With the threat of enemy invasion coming from the mysterous plume of black smoke, Jack and his team go off into the jungle with Rousseau and annoying guest character Dr. Arzt (whom you may remember from Dr. Linus.) to find the "Black Rock", which to their surprise (and unfortunately not mine,) the oft-mentioned Black Rock is in fact an old slaving ship shipwrecked in the jungle. As they arrive there, the boat sets sail, off to uncertain futures.
     The episode's flashbacks are also multi-themed, littered here or there with no underlying theme. That isn't an issue, though, as they're all to just before the flight and a lot of them gain the little poignancy they have from the things that we've learnt over the course of the series. In their Sydney hotel room, Walt screams at Michael and says he isn't his father. At the airport, Jin and Sun sit down for a coffee while Sun tries to ignore patronising Americans she's not supposed to be able to understand. In the bar, Jack meets Season Two regular (and one of my favourite characters, fuck the haters) Ana-Lucia Cortez. Sawyer (named here as James Ford) is given his reason for flying - he's being deported after headbutting an Australian politician.
This picture isn't indicative of the episode as a whole,
but any excuse to get Ms. Cortez on my blog is a good one.
     Here and there were specific character moments that I really loved. As well as Jin and Sun reconciling after their stint not talking to one another, there was a heart-wrenching scene that has to be one of my favourites from the whole season. With Sawyer chopping wood and preparing to go off on the raft, Jack comes and says goodbye, believing this to be their last encounter. Sawyer, unwilling to let Jack go without telling him, reveals slowly the story about how he met Christian in Sydney (as we saw in Outlaws) and how goddamn proud his father was of him. It's a moment that showed how both of the characters had changed, and defined their relationship for the next season.
     As is Nostalgia Filter tradition (or this blog's tradition, anyway,) I'm going to review next week's two-hour episode as two seperate reviews. As we head into that, I think it's fair to say that the finale so far is a resounding success. I think it's quite nifty how it capitalised on the successes of the first season while managing to make me, someone who's already seen the next seasons, really excited about what's to come. I think that's only going to increase after we meet the devastating cliffhangers in a forthnight's time, and next week's plot strands that point the show in a fun new direction.


NEXT WEEK: This was Part One. So next week it's Exodus Part Two. Fairly logical, really.

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