Sunday, 27 October 2013

News: Farewell to Atlantis; Other Shows

So yesterday, the good people at the BBC have commissioned the poorly-written family drama Atlantis for a second season, in light of the fact that it's maintaining decent ratings against the BBC's main rival, The X Factor.

I didn't watch Atlantis this week, because I really couldn't be bothered, and it strikes me that if I go out of my way to continue writing about a show which I quite fundamentally don't enjoy, then I might as well be committing myself to writing about the next season, as well. Which isn't exactly an appetising prospect.

So I wish Atlantis a fond farewell, as well as the Saturday tea-time slot. Hope that doesn't rub anyone the wrong way, but there we go.


The new season of The Walking Dead started two weeks ago today, and I must say that it's fabulous, having taken the fast-paced style of its predecessor season and the character development of the first two seasons and put them together into a deliciously thick package which is as good as The Walking Dead has ever been.

Whether the new element that the opener brought into the show (a strain of flu which threatens the safety of Rick's Prison haven) is going to be executed well or not is still up for debate - it sees a considerable departure from the comic series, and it seems as though for the most part, the show has decided to make its own way in the world.


Orphan Black is amazing, you should all be watching Orphan Black.


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