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Review: Lost 1.11: All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Charlie hangs out.
Lost - Season One, Episode Eleven - All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Written 19/5/13

Lost pokes fun of itself this week, title-wise. It is somewhat noticeable that pretty much every character is involved in some sort of parent-child dynamic that's gone awfully wrong somewhere along the line, and Jack is the standard father-son example as he spent his life under the shadow of unsupportive taskmaster Christian. This episode, as well as dealing once again with Jack's drive to be the hero and save the day despite overwhelming odds, gives us some backstory as to why Jack's dad was in the state he was in when he died.
     Hurley finds that Ethan was not on the place, and realising that Claire and Charlie have gone missing, a team go off into the jungle in search comprised of Locke, Kate, Boone and Jack. They follow their trail until it splits in two, where-after Kate reveals her tracking skills and she and Jack split off. The two track him for a day or so until Jack has a confrontation with Ethan, telling them to stop following him or one of them will die. When he wakes up after being knocked out, they find Charlie blindfolded and hanging from a tree. He initially fails to resuscitate but Jack perseveres beyond the point of reason and he recovers. Locke and Boone, following Locke's "sense of something special", find a metal hatch in the jungle.
     Jack's flashbacks take him to the end of his father's career, as he is called in to pull his father from a procedure where his intoxication has led him to sever a patient's artery. The patient dies, and Christian convinces Jack to do his old man a favour and not mention his intoxication, saying that it will end his career if anyone found out. Jack is reluctant but goes along with it, until discovering that the patient was pregnant. He recounts his statement and drops his father in it.
Christian tries to get away with negligence.
     The themes of the two subplots were less linked than I'm used to, with Jack's present struggles being with trying to save everyone when such a thing isn't possible, and his flashbacks being about doing the right thing no matter how much it hurts. Jack feels guilty for snitching on his father and I really don't think he should... on the one hand, his father was being a tit and needed someone to set him straight, as Christian would later admit himself in a later episode's flashback. On the other, this seems like an awfully odd time to be thinking about this issue. Everything meshed with Jack's personality, but it felt like the playlist had skipped a couple of songs. 
     This week's episode felt like a more exciting conclusion to last week, with the main character plays surrounding Jack's in-built hero complex and his antipathy towards his father. I, however, am slightly more interested in that last little plot development. The discovery of the hatch sets us off towards the finale in 14 episodes time with lots of breathing room, and is possibly, for me, the episode's most exciting development. 


NEXT WEEK: An episode about a suitcase. Really. Whatever The Case May Be.

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