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Review: Lost 1.10: Raised By Another
Claire, about to be kidnapped.
Lost - Season One, Episode Ten - Raised By Another
Written 17/5/13

Either due to the fact that after her pregnancy she has very little to do or because of how she was treated in the second half of the show, I can safely say that to me, Claire Littleton is not the most interesting character in the world. Nothing against Emilie de Ravin and her great performance, but the character's main beef - wanting to be known as something other than "the pregnant girl" - isn't supported by her development. Her pregnancy, the way characters react to it and looking after the baby once it's born are all that seem to define her. That, and a psychotically ardent belief in horoscopes and psychics. Which is wonderful.
     Claire has what appears to be repeating nightmares of her being attacked in the night, leading her to wake up screaming, her hands covered in blood from where she has dug her own fingernails into her flesh. She believes that the attacks are real, but Jack and co. can't find anything wrong with her or any evidence of an attack. Hurley, worried about attacks in general, take a census of people - including Ethan Rom, a guy who randomly appeared last week. Claire moves away from the Caves when Jack doesn't believe her. Hurley buys the Flight Manifesto off of Sawyer and discovers that someone wasn't on the plane - Ethan, who kidnaps Claire and Charlie.
     In her flashbacks, we see the progress of Claire's pregnancy. Hipster artist boyfriend Thomas is initially happy to be raising the baby with her, but leaves when the pressure gets too much. She visits a psychic who tells her that she must raise the child, even though she intends to adopt. When she tries to sign the adoption papers, her pen doesn't work, and she takes this as a sign that the psychic was right. When she goes to acknowledge this, he changes his mind and tells her that she has to give the baby to a family in Los Angeles. Yes folks, that's why Claire was on the plane in the first place - because despite being in her third trimester, she just had to follow some random guy's instructions.
I got on a trans-Pacific flight while six-months pregnant
because a psychic told me to.
     Claire's kidnapping is one of the first major cast changes - she disappears here and doesn't return again for another five weeks, and lots of fun stuff happens in the meantime. I know I'm erring on the side of danger when I say this, but her willingness to believe utter claptrap is what leads to everything that has ever gone wrong for her on the show. She believes psychic Richard Malkin's predictions despite a later episode showing that he's a con-artist; she later believes that the Man In Black is her dad. Her gullibility is outstanding, and that's not a very captivating character trait to have on a show with this many wonderfully conflicting personalities.
      So yeah, that was an article of me ranting about Claire. This is the fourth article I've written today, so please forgive me if I'm a little single-minded. Raised By Another has potential in its endgame to start the gears rolling in the mystery of The Others and the show's main themes, but it spends most of its time forcing us to watch psychics peddling bullshit and Emilie de Ravin screaming incessantly. I wanted to like her character, but she's just really not for me, and her absence from the series isn't really that much of a burden.


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