Thursday, 8 August 2013

Review: Torchwood 3.3: Day Three
The 456 arrive.
Torchwood - Children of Earth, Day Three
Another shortie. Written 4/5/13

It's the hour format. That's what it is, that's what's bothering me. I've spent the past couple of months watching shows with a 40-45 minute runtime almost exclusively, and Children of Earth's added 15 minutes is getting me all distressed. This third day saw the mini-series formative stages finally give way to the core dilemma, surrounding the grotesque 456 and their demand for 10% of the Children of Earth. The rather well-done personality of the 456, and the tragedies that surround it, are gonna develop som'more next week, but give it time.
     The gang relocate to an old Torchwood London hangar, going out and stealing from people in order to build up enough tech for the mandatory technobabble. Gwen tracks down Lois Habiba, and gives her the camera contact lenses from Reset so that Torchwood can see what's happening inside Thames House. Agent Johnson captures Alice and Steven, Jack's daughter and grandson, just as the children stop again and point at Thames House, where a pillar of fire accompanies the 456's teleport. The alien has Frobisher organise a meeting of diplomats, with corrupt Prime Minister John Green continuing to use Frobisher as a scapegoat. Gwen rescues Clement Macdonald from prison and takes him back. They watch the meeting, wherin the 456 demand 10% of the world's children. Jack returns to the hangar after attempting to blackmail Frobisher, and the team discovers through Clement that he gave the 456 a gift of 12 children in 1965.
     I know this was meant to be shown back-to-back over a week as a single story rather than reviewed episodically. I'm rather shooting myself in the foot on that one. I just really can't think of anything to say about Day Three. It was okay, I guess. The nice chunky ideas the Children of Earth would become known for pop up on Day Four, with Day Three seeming more focussed on how the contact lens technology gets round the barrier of having no sound functions.
The team watch the conference via Lois' contact lenses.
     Feels a little like I'm wasting your time, here. The very few of you that do read. But I can't really come up with much to say about Day Three, other than that the 456 are here now and they want yo kids. The cast and crew are doing a great job, even if on an episode-by-episode basis the pace leaves a little something to be desired. Children of Earth may not feel much like Torchwood any more, but for what it is, it's been pretty good.


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