Monday, 19 August 2013

Garrus: Star Trek Into Darkness

Because I refuse to see it, my friend is going to write a review of the most recent Star Trek film.

[Insert sarcastic caption here]
Star Trek Into Darkness - 2013, Directed by JJ Abrams

Star Trek Into Darkness is a film in which a distinguished Starfleet officers repeatedly punch a man in the face; also "KHHAAAAAAAANNN!"

But seriously, Into Darkness (and Abrams' Star Trek) had potential. I really love Abrams' direction and visual style (yes, even the lens flares). The clean and efficient design and the use of bright colours gives new Star Trek a distinct sci-fi look. The film was (mostly) well-directed. This was supported by a decent cast; Pine and Quinto are perfect as Kirk and Spock, the Enterprise crew is good, with Bones is a standout character and Benedict Cumberbatch is perfect as the main villain, well apart from, you know, the whole Khan thing.

Anyway, this gave Into Darkness the opportunity to become something great. I wasn't expecting the classic series or TNG, but instead they could have made a grand space adventure with a strong focus on what made the TV shows so good; the tough choices, the diplomacy, the exploration! But somehow they fucked it up... and I know why. The script. It was on par with a monkey shitting on a typewriter. That wasn't a joke, its that bad. Nothing made sense. Instead of trying to be its own film, Into Darkness decides to pussy out of having its own meaningful story and copy Wrath of Khan, as well as every part of Star Trek lore, badly. Try to list everything that you think the average person knows about Star Trek; Klingons, Tribbles, the Prime Directive. They're all in this film, for no reason other than 'fanservice'. 

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