Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Prologue: Lost: Season One

Three seasons down, but I haven't even covered half of Lost. The reduced season length after 2008 came due to the Writers' Guild of America Strike, and venturing before then is a much more committed endeavour. The first season of Lost is 25 episodes (or 17 hours when adjusted for adverts) long, which basically means that I'll be posting these until the end of the year. Which is fun for everyone, I'm sure.
     There are no grand ancient plots and scheming villains here - just the simple story of a few weirdos trapped together on a desert island, all of whom are hiding deep-seated psychological issues with a 100% chance of somehow relating to one or more of their horrible parental figures. Of course that does mean that a lot of my favourite characters haven't arrived yet, but there's another tone of storytelling, something much more granular, that makes it feel a lot more whole than the rushed final seasons.
     There's also the presence on the production team of a certain nerd idol by the name of J.J.Abrams, who I'll be talking about in a couple of articles this Summer when I touch upon my love of Star Trek. Consider this a first go before we proceed. :) Oh, and of course, spoilers as usual. I've reviewed the end of this series before it's beginning, so don't be surprised if I give anything away.


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