Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Review: Lost 6.X: New Man In Charge
Ben explains some things.
Lost - Epilogue - New Man In Charge
Written 17/3/13

Just as the final few minutes of The End gave a message to the character-loving side of the fandom divide created by the finale, this epilogue seems written (if just a little bit mockingly) to sort out all of the nitpicks raised by my side of the fandom still crying out for answers to their questions. While it did trivialise a lot of the series' biggest mysteries, New Man In Charge feels very much like a qualifier to the finale - a sign of things ahead, that even though this world has ended that stories within it will continue.
     Ben shows up at a Dharma warehouse in Guam where two workers have been sending out supplies to The Island for 20 years based on an automated supply drop. Ben tells them that Dharma is dead, and when the two men reveal their confusion, he allows them a question each. One of their questions leads onto a Dharma orientation video for the Hydra station, which covers several of the remaining mysteries from the first five seasons of the show. After the video finishes, Ben wishes them a goodbye and then flies across the Pacific to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution in California, where Michael's son Walt has been hiding out. Promising to let him help the spirit of his father, Walt meets up with the now more confident Hurley, who says that he has a Job to offer him.
      The way the Dharma workmen spoke to Ben mirrored directly the confusion of a lot of fans, and I admired the humour and subtlety with which those answers were delivered. It felt like a finish, and ending. There was a note of finality in the air as Ben, Hurley and Walt drove off into the night, and I got that warm feeling in my belly as they went. Goodbye, Lost. I'm gonna miss you.
Book your tickets now. :)
But... wait a minute. This isn't goodbye. Is it?
      I've been reviewing Lost on this blog for about three years now, covering the last three seasons. I began reviewing Lost here because it was a US show, and I thought that it would be an interesting comparison to all of the other UK shows that I review here. While it's still the only US show I've ever reviewed, I'm considering reviewing some Star Trek Voyager later on in the year. However, I am planning to do something rather Star-Warsian. Before this blog shuts up shop on its fifth birthday, I want to review the rest of the show, with a focus on comparing to its later stages and seeing all of the "prehistory" come to life.
     I'll start reviewing the first season in three weeks. Until then, you can expect your Doctor Who and Torchwood as normal. See you there.


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