Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review: Survivors 2.2

Tom gets supplies in his own way.
Survivors - Series Two, Episode Two
Written 16/12/12

The second episode was of similar quality to the premiere, and rather demonstrated the show's unwillingness to return to the mistakes of its past. I may have perhaps wished that we could have had our little eyewitness view into the scientists' compound for a little while longer, but Abby's escape did allow us a look into this series' overall mytharc - one that is, in hindsight, fundamentally pointless seeing as the show will be cancelled before we ever get a deeper look into it. Regardless, at this stage any new plot developments are like fried gold, and this three-episode mini-arc in the City has been rather fun, I think.
    Tom, having been excised from the group, robs a local group of Survivors for food and supplies, returning to his group with his plunder. Refusing to give up on her, Najid has been putting up posters around the city for Abby to follow should she ever return. A girl from the local group plays with Najid, and he unwittingly reveals to her that the food from her group has gone to his. While Tom, Anya, Al and Sarah go off to a Pharmaceuticals company to get a lead on Abby, the local group start to hunt Greg and Najid. At the Scientist's base, Abby is re-infected and it is discovered that her immune system can easily produce large amounts of an anti-serum. The scientists are planning to put her into a comatose state and harvest her antibodies for the rest of her life.
     Whittaker, however, accidentally gets jam on his fingers while playing with his son, which allows his wife, Lucy, to find out the code keeping her locked away in the facility. Lucy speaks to Abby, who tells her the truth about the Apocalypse, and she then allows Abby to escape. Despite this, when the gang turn up to find her, she's gone out of a different exit, and they return to the City to find Greg and Najid being hunted. Tom returns their food and they reconvene, finally finding Abby wandering the streets of Manchester.
Lucy doesn't know what she's in for.
     Pretty much the same as last week, really. Lots of decent character developments across the board, especially with Al and Sarah's relationship, Tom's criminal past and with what the facility was doing, with a shady pseudo-governmental figure on the other end of a computer screen. I think my favourite subplot was definitely with Whitaker's wife, as it showed us an insight into not just the facility but into different parts of his character. Whereas last week we were made to see the preservation of his wife and child as a mark in his favour, this week allowed us to see that he's essentially been psychologically abusing her in some misguided attempt to save her, while screwing over all of his close friends at the facility.
     I suppose on the face of it there isn't much to talk about with Survivors when I'm not being unnecessarily scathing to it, and that's a problem considering that so far, I've really quite liked what I've seen. We've had no screams of "PETER" to annoy me, no magic religious advice from Najid, no stereotyping of Anya's sexuality, it's all good. Our characters have yet to really evolve beyond the stereotypes that they were presented as, but they're coming damn close and I'm even beginning to feel for some of them. Can't really say much else besides, you know, keep up the good work.


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