Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Prologue: Lost: Season Six

I spent a hell of a lot of time complaining about this one, didn't I? To the point at which I said that I would never, on any condition, go back and discuss Season Six. This season was the only one I saw on original transmission, and it was also the one I was the most looking forward to. Everything I'd read about, everything I knew about the series - this was the culmination of it. I could see these characterisations unfold and then climax in the most powerful way. All of those excellent sci-fi ideas would surely come to a head and this would be the best and most fun piece of US TV ever!
     Perhaps my expectations were too high, but that doesn't excuse the direction that Season Six took into the lazily supernatural. I find nowadays that this annoys me more than Ashes To Ashes because, despite the precedent in LOST for weird and wonderful things happening that defy normal physics, it did all of these rather god-y things and expected us to like it and accept it and embrace it with open arms as if this had been a series about a quaint little church group from the South Downs.
     I find LOST hard to review, as I do most American TV, because it is so different from my normal fare and the serialised nature means that it's hard to find something new to say each week beyond the superficial. Hopefully Season Six will be different, as I examine the paths that our characters have taken over the past six seasons and see whether the series did them well, or let them down. There will also probably be lots and lots of Jack-hate, because that's how I roll now. See you there.


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