Sunday, 18 November 2012

Review: Misfits 4.4

S4-Ep4 Preview Pictures
Curtis has to accept his fate.
Man, this shit's intense! After being built up for several episodes, the character of Lola (Lucy Gaskell) gets a chance to shine on her own, and boy does she bring the house down. It was also a look-in for Curtis who, spoilers aside, finally gets the chance to bow out. Unlike the mad time-travel antics of Simon and Alesha, Curtis gets to leave with some dignity and for the first time this series, Misfits made me feel something. However, it did leave me wondering whether that feeling was justified....
      Lola is chilling with Curtis when an old boyfriend (Andrew Gower, another Being Human alumni) arrives. She tricks Curtis into thinking that her ex has assaulted her. Rudy offers Finn dating advice. Lola pretends that she's getting death threats, and says that she's leaving. When Curtis offers to go round and see him, she offers him a gun and he takes it. When he goes round, Curtis accidentally shoots him in the stomach. It turns out that Lola's having it off with someone else as well, and that she isn't a trainee probation worker. Keen to discover the truth, Curtis goes to use his otherwise-useless power to bring her ex back to life again. The gang are there to help out, the plan being to resurrect him and then have Finn club his brain in when he goes Zombie. They manage to stop him before he escapes, but Curtis gets bitten.
     Curtis is forced to try and resist his zombie urges while still investigating the truth behind Lola's activities. He discovers a tape which reveals that whoever Lola used to be was brainwashed in the storm after playing her as a character. The character is intent upon using every man who comes her way, using her next boyfriend to kill the previous. Lola burns herself to get her present boyfriend to pop over. In the meantime, Curtis manages to escape the wrath of the probation-worker by flirting with him, to his surprise. Curtis, despite having the others considering killing him, still wants to break Lola out of her stupor while he still has the chance. He's knocked out by her new boyfriend, and taken to a warehouse. He can't kill Curtis, so Lola kills the boyfriend and then shoots Curtis. He bites her, and takes her out before saying goodbye to Rudy over the phone and comitting suicide.
S4-Ep4 Preview Pictures
The extent of Lola's manipulation is uncovered.
     Lola's character then, ultimately, served as a tragic plot device to see Curtis' doom. Curtis is unfortunate amongst the main five from the show's beginnings in that he doesn't really have that much of a characterisation - despite being the most likable and morally sound guy at the beginning, his character remained static and never got much to do besides having a line of love interests who either left him or died. 4.4. was both clever and disappointing in that it played up that side of his personality and ultimately used his fucked-up power as part of the solution.
     I was annoyed that after two episodes Lola was used much more as a device rather than a character, with her personality and history only lightly touched upon before she was offed. And that was rather true of a lot of things this week. The various tiny subplots running around beneath Rudy and Finn didn;t seem to really go anywhere, and that didn't help the main plot any. Whatever the reason for Nathan Stewart-Jarett's departure from the series, I'd hoped that it would have been in a slightly more thought-out way than this episode unfortuantely gave us. Whether the show can survive soley on its new characters is yet to be seen, but if Jess doesn't get anything to do then we're gonna fail.


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