Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Review: GHTTB: Ashes To Ashes 3.5

Lytton from Life On Mars returns.
Ashes To Ashes - Series Three, Episode Five
Written 5/8/12

The problem with reviewing Series Five of the Bonanza is simply that this series has very little originality left. It follows the same few dischordant plot ideas while treading out very straightforward, uninteresting mysteries for the main plots. Even this week's call back to the Bonanza's third episode wasn't enough to make it truley worthy of my time, and it made me seriously consider skipping straight to the finale and summarising the next few episodes. The episode did feature some nice stuff for Ray and Shaz, but other characters remained neglected.
     When chasing down a suspect, the gang's collar is caught by the division of DCI Lytton (Eastenders' Lee Ross), Special Division in Manchester from Life On Mars 1.3. While Ray is happy to see his old colleagues once again, the rest of the gang is uneasy as Lytton makes claim to retired comedian Frankie Hardwick, whom he claims has stolen from the Police Widows' Fund. Gene and Alex smell a rat, and soon it becomes clear as they investigate both Lytton and Hardwick that the truth lies with Lytton's DI, Bevan (Nicolas Gleaves, Survivors), who it turns out was trying to kill Hardwick after he had seen Bevan kill a black child. While Alex probes Bevan on his history with Gene and with Sam Tyler, Gene finishes by killing Bevan and burning the evidence that Alex has from the case. Lytton goes back to Manchester, amiable with the rest of the team but forced into court by Keats.
     The most standout scene was by far the talent show segment used to lure Bevan into a vulnerable position. Ray, confused over seeing the Starfield, sought comfort from Shaz's empathy as they sung a strained rendition of Oh Danny Boy. It felt like the first strands of the plot were coming together, but it was a tad annoying that once again, Chris was relegated to being the corny comic relief. It's a shame that the background character who had the most promise in Life On Mars has become the one with the least follow up at this stage in the game.
Gene tries to find Hardwick before Bevan does.
     Other than that, very little to say. There was barely enough here to sustain the runtime, and it's sad to see that the return of a character who was in the first series for a single episode is thought to be good enough to sustain a plot; one whose theme touches upon the normal police corruption that we basically wrote a dissertation on last series. With only a few episodes left to go, it's a bit sad that the standards have fallen to this level of sheer boredom.


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