Monday, 1 October 2012

Highlight: Red Dwarf VII

Ouroboros had some fun ideas. Shame about the rest.

Some people find Series VIII funny. For these, rare and incredibly strange people, Series VII is the one to avoid, for the simple reason that this 1997 reboot tried to go down the dramedy route and failed at the -edy bit quite considerably. The series became more character driven, but those characterisations were inconsistant and irritating, and potentially good ideas were thrown out in favour of stupid drama moments. Also, whiney Kryten, NO. Despite this, I do have a highlight for Series VII, and that's the complex Ouroboros whose attempts to make up for Rimmer's departure are, while considerably lacking, a decent piece of Sci-Fi in their own right. Series VII? There's an obscene phone call, and I believe it's for you.

Written 9/6/12

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