Saturday, 29 September 2012

Highlight: Red Dwarf V

Holoship. Smaller portions, but so many courses.
And the so-called Golden Age ends with a bang, on an entire series focussing almost exclusively on Rimmer, with a few nods to other characters here or there. Lister takes the spotlight again in the ambitious The Inquisitor, while the crew meet their potential evil sides in Demons and Angels. And while everyone in the fandom would expect me to say Back to Reality (if they actually read this blog), my highlight from Season V is the much more interesting Holoship, which takes Rimmer and puts him into a tragic tale of love and loss. The simple fact is that you can see the character development up close; it doesn't seem strange that the uptight and insecure Rimmer from all those series ago can stand here now and sacrifice his dreams for the woman he loves. It's bloody beautiful.

Written 9/6/12

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