Thursday, 27 September 2012

Highlight: Red Dwarf III

Marooned. Lister and Rimmer chat around the fire as they
await rescue.
So; two years have passed and the RD team have had an entire year to get the new series ready. With Robert Llwellyn on as Kryten, the series is given a fresh lick of paint and the Golden Age begins. Out of these six absolute crackers, which would I pick as a highlight? Well, that's incredibly difficult. The classical Bodyswap? Timey wimey Timeslides? Shameless Alien parody Polymorph? Well, it's none of them. My highlight is most definitely Marooned, a quiet character piece between the two leads that provides some of the best character work and comedy in the series. Who can forget Lister eating from the tin of dog food, or pretedning to burn Lister's guitar? And where would we be without Rimmer's revelation of his Eunuch past?

Written 9/6/12

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