Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Review: Lost 5.4: The Little Prince

Carole knows nothing.
The Little Prince is a Kate episode, but despite that it's filled with enough other interesting plotlines to keep it worthy. It helped that because of this series' dynamic we didn't really focus in on her, and half the episode was devoted to the continuing Time-Flashes storyline that I love so much.
      In 2008, Kate tried to investigate into the client that was trying to have Aaron put into care. At the hospital, Sayid is again attacked, this time by an assassin with Kate's address in his pocket. Jack heads to Kate to make sure that she's safe, and they track the lawyer to the house of Carole Littleton, Aaron's biological grandmother. However, Carole knows nothing about Aaron and so Jack takes Kate to Ben, who has also gathered Sayid. Kate is angry when it is revealed that Ben employed lawyer Dan Norton, and Sun descides to exact her revenge on Ben for killing her husband.
     On the Island in 2004, the survivors wait for Charlotte to wake up and head towards the Orchid. They pass through several time-flashes, including the event in Season One where Kate delivered Claire's baby, Aaron. Sawyer, as one part of the love triangle, is shocked to see Kate again. They head towards the beach, and find a set of outriggers. During their trip they are momentarily attacked by unknown people in another outrigger, but a time-flash delivers them to safety. As they land on another beach, they find the wreck of a boat called the Besixdouze. Meanwhile, out in the ocean, a rigger full of French people discovers Jin. As they land, one of the French women reveals herself to be Danielle Rousseau, and that the year is 1988.
5x04 SeeingKate.jpg
Sawyer witnesses Aaron's birth.
      Tom Iriwn gives a deviously slimy performance as Ben's lawyer Dan Norton, even when he doesn't need to be. Rebecca Mader also got to do a bit more with Charlotte's character, although certainly not as much as she will next episode. I also thought that it was a little weird that Sawyer got some development, although it is nice to see and it sets the groundwork for his centric episode in a month's time.
     The Little Prince covered Kate's struggles, but because of this series' intention to rush its early plotlines, we didn't really become too bored with her. It's also good to finally see Jin again, and his side of the storyline will stroke some mythos that's been missing since Series One. Till next week.


IN TWO WEEKS: A Jin and Sun episode! How fabulous.

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