Friday, 3 February 2012

Josh: Music: Submarine

Alex Turner promotes 'Submarine'
Submarine is a beautiful film and part of its beauty comes from it's soundtrack. When it came down to music for this British made film, none other than Alex Turner was acquired for the job. The Arctic Monkeys lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter managed to produce six original songs for Submarine and the following is my opinions on how effective the album was in relation to the film and in general.
     The Submarine soundtrack is a combination of five unique pieces of music with the exclusion of the dreamy introductory theme. All the songs are consistent in style and all share a woozy feel which fits well with the dewy-eyed romantic sequences of Oliver and Jordana's 'lovemaking'. There is a superb focus on knotty, absurd lyrics that are tailor-made as pathetic fallacy for running events on screen.
     With underplayed, soft sounding instrumentation and the quirky magical tone to Turner's voice there isn't much going wrong for the music of this film. The best songs of the bunch have got to 'Piledriver Waltz' and 'Stuck on the Puzzle' which are colourful, swooning pieces which expose the qualities of Turner's guitar skills and the genius of his lyrics. The lyrics themselves cleverly relate to events on screen and are powerful on their own, the emphasis added with Turner's purr in voice is soothing. Also, Stuck on the Puzzle sticks out compared to the other songs with it's catchy rhythmical beat at the beginning and more modern feel. Whereas the rest of the album feels like one suite of music piled together as the four other tunes are very alike in their melody and exposition.
     Though the songs sound similar when listened in one go they do all still have their mark and are special in their own way. Submarine's soundtrack is a mix of folky, romantic-esque songs that dreamily drift to set the scenes and bring another aspect of vibrancy to this already outstanding piece of art. Alex Turner is a very clever man and deserves to be given all the praise available for such a inventive, colourful collection of brilliantly, unique songs. Job well done.

Thanks, Josh.

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