Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Review: Lost 5.1: Because You Left

Sawyer questions Faraday about the Time Skips.
Season Five of Lost is where I began. Where I first took any interest into the series. However, I never really saw any of the series on initial broadcast, only a few repeats later on. It's a season that took the sci-fi leanings of Season Four and ran with them exponentially, taking the idea of time-travel and using all of its various interpretations. Because You Left is as you'd expect a Lost premiere to be - interesting, teasing and so wonderfully tense.
     Following directly on from the finale, the people left on the island suffered time-flashes as the island "skipped" through time, depositing them in different time zones as they went. Locke was shot by early-Other Ethan and then later helped by Richard. The rest of the team was accompanied by Daniel Faraday, who worriedly realised that they were travelling in time and then sent a message to Desmond (via his time-sensitive brain) to go to Oxford.
     Off the Island, Kate had to run from authorities trying to genetically link her and Claire's son, Aaron. Jack accompanied Ben, who was trying to bring the survivors back together. Hurley and Sayid tried to head to a safehouse but were ambushed by Widmore's men, leading to a firefight. Sun was detained by Widmore himself as they discussed terms on how to get at Ben.
Sayid tried to get Hurley to safety.
      I can't be critical. I simply can't. Because You Left was simply a brilliant episode that, despite a somewhat more sedate tone, left me really excited for what was to come. The sci-fi concepts are really intriguing and are presented in an easy to understand way, setting the tone of the series early on. All of the acting is top notch, the script is brilliant and that's really all I can say.
      Because You Left is a better opener than The Beginning Of The End, and it needs to be because of the topics that it needs to broach at the start of Series Five. It wasn't as energetic as that opener, but it was equally as enjoyable and I loved it.


NEXT WEEK: The survivors deal with the consequences of The Lie.
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